okay, i will be updating my blog hopefully tomorrow if I take a break from playing destiny and pretending to write my novel. That reminds me I love destiny but the story line is too damn short, and the last bit, destroying the heart of garden, how easy was that. Very disappointed by the story line, unless there is more to come but it doesnt seem like it – thats it. I mean only went till Mars some space exploration, very least could have explored saturn – but still a pretty good game.
Oh yes, my blog I will be changing the outlook of the whole site, I do apologize if anyone actually prefers it the way it is – you can always let me know which you never do so dont complain – to me it seems a bit dull now. It seemed alright at the time but not anymore. I have been taking few tips from other bloggers so hopefully I can rearrange the blog to be more user friendly and seem more inviting.
There is a very low chance of me actually doing it – I just got my new phone xperia z3 compact – I am sure it is going to keep me occupied a lot. Yes I like compact and I hate big phones, they are annoying to handle and if I have a big phone I cannot justify having a tablet as well to my wife.

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