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  1. amommasview says:

    Wow! That is really deep!


  2. princessdoodlebug says:

    It just depends what truth is for me. If it’s not good maybe I deny it, but if it’s good maybe I embrace it lol


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      thats the whole premise ….. are you only going to accept the truth if its agreeable to you or are going to accept the truth for what it is ? most people spend their entire lives searching for theirs and deny it at the end …..


      1. princessdoodlebug says:

        But I’m not really in search for anything to be honest. Does that mean I’ve already found some kind of truth? I don’t know….


      2. Momus Najmi says:

        well i am not really some sort of mystical buddha who can answer that question with any conviction ….. all i can say is only you would know what truly lies in you – or maybe you have lost the need to know.


      3. princessdoodlebug says:

        Oh, I’m a boss hahahaha =P jk
        Yes, I know of this, but if there’s things I don’t like I can always change them. It’s me… if I can’t change me than who can?


      4. Momus Najmi says:

        yes of course change is a constant … change is what defines us from moment to moment … but its things that you never change about yourself finding that out is finding the true essence of yourself

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      5. princessdoodlebug says:

        Then yes, I’m totally a boss! Haha


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