Quotes of Past

I just realized what I had been doing while trying to post few quotes that I dug up of mine from my old notebooks. I was reposting as an update, erasing each previous one. But anyway here they are all together, I really like reading up my own writing from a time before, than I view my writing as someone else’s creating a second narrative to the same voice in my head

The need to understand is a need best attained, the need to define is a need best disclaimed !

Changing the change so it changes to what I want to change it for rather than it changing to what it would change to if I do not intervene in the process of change as it changes to and continues towards a perpetual change !

I am in a constant battle within myself and outside and I will not stop till I have turned everything to ashes – so everything can begin anew ! God is arbitrary but I am definite with infinite possibilities of being !

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