Novel Update

Due to certain circumstances there has been major delays in me finishing my novel. But there are a lot of things that I have come to realize in these past few days that I have not been writing my novel. ONE – you need a lot more time than an odd hour here and there to write something constructive. Two – its not just the time but the clarity of mind and peace at heart that is required most of all. Three – the worst field to work for in the UK currently has to be retail, and I clearly need a career change.
But having said that most writers write in the worst of circumstances, it brings the best out of them. I guess, by my observation, it is only hard when a writer is juggling with two complete opposite careers and is not willing to let go of either of them – that sort of clarity of mind is most definitely required. If you jump into the sea without knowing how to swim and just flap your hands around thinking it will just come to you, most of the times you are going to drown – not for lack of trying but for lack of effective effort.
We all strife to be better though and so do I, maybe the book would not be finished by christmas but it will be finished at some point than all of you can read it and tell me how amazingly awful and pointless it was – than I will write another one.
Till than a friendly advice – choose your field well at an early stage, making a career change later on can be a bit tricky.

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  1. princessdoodlebug says:

    You’re going to post your novel here?


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      No … it will be available on Amazon …

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