biryaniI have to say Biryani has to be my most favourite dish of all time, I can eat it any time of the day and it never fails to uplift my mood. There are various different ways of making a biryani, the way I make it maybe most people dont make it that way and probably the way my mother makes it no one makes it that way – but the core taste is still the same which makes a biryani a biryani. Here are some good tips and information passionately written down by Sparshita Saxena

It is a common dish in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh but the taste and recipes differ from region to region even within those countries. But even in uk most dishes that have come over are different to cater the taste of the local people but again the core of the dishes remain the same. Here is another interesting recipe on bbc food i found

quick and simple something I will never do, use curry paste, but it caters to the people over here and there is nothing wrong with quick and fast and more convenient. Yes of course the purest will argue and it will never be as good as the original way of cooking but it is still biryani and in essence it delivers the joy of a content tummy.

Here is another interesting recipe I found on someone’s blog

By the end whatever you do make sure when you eat it – you eat it – and not just swallow it – enjoy your food no matter what it is ! And that has made me very hungry.


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  1. story teller says:

    My favourite-est thing to eat in the whole wide world!!! 😀


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