Peshawar 16/12

Hatred makes you do things that a normal person would never imagine – but hatred against ones own is the worst there could be – There are no negotiations to be had, no talks to be done with such an organization of people – I do not care about religion and certainly not hashtags but I do care about the lives of innocent and so should everyone ! May they rest in peace ! – Peshawar 16/12

It is very simple, something that I have been saying for over ten years now, there is no negotiating with these terrorist, only eradication is required. People who can attack children, kill 141 or more of them, as a retaliation to what had been done to them have gone beyond the realm of reasoning. Even if you negotiate with them, they might settle on terms, but once they have that in their minds – that hatred – it will always be there deep down and it will crop up some other time if not now. If these terrorist are willing to do these acts against their own, against the people of their own faith, than I dread to imagine what hatred they have for everyone else. Surely there are more efficient ways, to eradicate these taliban, these mindless zombies, once and for all.

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  1. amommasview says:

    Sad, scary and something a normal thinking person can not imagine really…

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  2. Momus Najmi says:

    no rational or sane person should imagine to do anything like that !


  3. Ken Sears says:

    Taliban and ISIS are the high priests of their god Satan-Moloch. They have sacrificed the children on the altar to the father of their spirits, Satan, in exchange for their orgasmic ecstasy in bloodlust.


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      Although I am in WTH moment with your comment, it doesnt matter what anyone’s believes might be their actions are not right and they should be eradicated and that is my point. We have to view actions of organizations, actions on the human society, if they not productive towards the progress of our civilization than there is no point of carrying the extra baggage – and that to be honest can be said of all religions


      1. Ken Sears says:

        You have said nothing I disagree with. You are talking about “prescription”. I was indulging in a moment’s “diagnosis” (characterization) of these creatures’ spiritual state. Both valid, involving no mutual contradiction. I didn’t quite follow, however, your “in WTH moment with your comment”. I’m likely not sufficiently in tune with the Internet shorthand acronyms/syntax.

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  4. Momus Najmi says:

    that was what the hell WTH moment when you linked these terrorist to the worship of an ammonite god moloch, have to be first time I heard of that link. I will be honest I am not really a fan of acronyms myself, must have been one of the very few times I used it online.
    But no obviously there is no contradiction of view point, I am just tired of trying to understand the mindset of such people, there comes a point when enough is enough. I have been saying this for so long now, there is no negotiating with them, its either everyone live by their law or they blow everyone up. When the world come to this, that we would have spokesman for a terrorist organization speaking to media – if there is a spokesman he should be arrested as well for being a part of it.
    Laws, wartime procedures and certain decorum are maintained at all times between enemies – both parties legally defined as the representation of a certain society – it doesnt have to be maintained with a terrorist organization. Action, strong action needs to be taken so that the human society can be moved forward, progressed towards something far more meaningful than kneeling down to imaginary deities.


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