Winter Solstice

This year it doesn’t really feel as festive as it usually does this time of the year, maybe we are recovering from something we do not know. Or maybe we are all harboring inside something we do not want to admit to yet, fear, anger, frustration towards something we have not yet identified.
In light of all of this, I would like to suggest to everyone to look beyond themselves this year, not just themselves but even beyond those they know. Help out those in need as much as you can rather than fuel the corporate and corrupted capitalist society. Help humanity, look beyond the idiocy of gods and look at your fellow humans and lend a hand – not to pray but to act.
This year and for all the years to come, lets try to bring the sense of community back to our societies and help each other as much as we can. Those extra things you get for yourselves and for your loved ones will make you feel good but just realize that some people do not even know what extra is when they are struggling with the basic needs that we take for granted.
No one is going to help us but ourselves so this year lets save humanity and start the new year with a positive that would last for generations to come.
Happy Holidays everyone and make the best use of the time you have in this universe.

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