Advertisements on Polish Television

I watch a fair bit of polish tv, well I say I watch it, its usually my wife watching it and me trying to understand what is going on. But when it is time for commercials which are plenty most of them are about one pill or the other, to boost your health to help protect you from this or that. I mean the amount of medically related adverts they have is incredible and you would just think all polish people are jacked up on vitamin pills and what not.
I am really doing an analysis on this issue to be honest I know why it might be the case. I mean it is obviously working people are buying pills but it also means the market for them is quite competitive still a big market. So they are trying to get ahead of everyone, while other markets might not have as fierce competition as the pharmaceutical ones apparently. There are lot of factors that might make one market more competitive than the other, a lot of macro and micro economical factors a subject I failed three times in uni before I passed it so I am in no way an expert.
I wonder if there are any experts in this out there that might be able to shine some light for us? Or maybe they are too busy selling pills themselves to let us know why is what?


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