Fifa 15 on PS4

I am still not over destiny to be honest and the expansion pack is like eating two awesome flavour of fruit pastilles at the same time and creating a new one exploding in your mouth and you are stood there in the amazement of what you are chewing (I just did that – pure chance but amazing)
Regardless of that I do not care what people are saying about Fifa 15 but I like it, and I really like the new search for players apart from the whole game in general. It is definitely more refined. And to top it off the playlist is a lot less annoying – I know I will never get my wish of having metal in the playlist of Fifa but at least its not filled with most of the annoying nonsense – it is bearable.
The gameplay is a lot smoother, movement of players are a lot reflexive and you can feel that while playing although if you are playing in professional mode it is a bit too easy – you can just run through the defense better play in world class at least if you like your footy games like I do. Anyway if you got it, have fun playing I know I am.

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