Quick word on Steven Gerrard

It is almost a day late but I wanted to say a quick word about my most favourite footballer of all time leaving my beloved team. There are better players potentially than him but in application he is the best, when it matters most he is the best. If there is someone you can depend on to give his all there is only one Stevie G and there will be no other like him.
It will be hard watching a match without him playing, reassuring the rest of us we have more than half a chance just because he turned up on the field but he deserves to experience something else. And I do believe that he might have been better off leaving before the start of this season although it would have looked really bleak for us. Regardless he deserves all the applause he is getting and he deserves to go and explore new dimensions of the game. Maybe the states or australia – most likely states I am guessing. Anyway good luck Mr Liverpool but please drive us as far up on the table as you can before you go.

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