Quick word on Top Gear in Argentina

I never got the chance to watch the Top Gear christmas special this year around, but a lot of people said they got what they deserved and that they are idiots and what not. So since I do like watching the show and their scripted humour is not as bad as people deem it to be, because they think it is spontaneous and than they are surprised that its not, so anyway I watched it. And I have to be honest, no matter how much you hate the show and the three presenters in general how can you defend a group of hooligans, protesters? no more like rampaging idiots against them. I am sorry but no, maybe they were at fault for inflating a situation already sensitive and perhaps they meant to have that reference in the registration number of their car even than the reaction was not justified. And we should really learn to protect the right people at times, just because someone has become famous doesnt mean there should be a certain group of us just hating them for being famous. This polarity of hate and love I really find it disturbing at times. Mr Clarkson and gang you are fine in my books so far.

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