A feeling of disconnection

There is a feeling of disconnection with the rest of the world that I have become accustomed to, but I cannot still feel completely out of this world, inferior or superior. I still find myself caring for it and the inhabitants of it.
How strange a feeling is that to experience yet we know it to be true because there are others out there who feel the same. The world and the living organisms of it are of a physical nature and an ideological nature as well. You hate an idea, feel disconnected towards it or are completely ignorant towards it while it is there present for someone else to admire and accept it. In the same world with the same things it creates creates different, parallel, existences of it.
So I say I feel disconnected with this world and at the same time I do not – because it is not the world I feel disconnected with but the idea of it that we have created. Just an insane thought from an insane mind grown bored if its own existence.

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