Cambridge United – My Second Team

Most of us, football lovers, have a specific team that we support. And no matter what happens we tend not to defect to some other team, that is the whole point of supporting your team. I support Liverpool FC and have been supporting them since I can remember but as a sensible Liverpool fan I support and appreciate the game first.
And for that reason and to boost football in our country we need to also support a second team. Usually people have a second team which is in either Germany, Spain or Italy but I think it is better to have a second based within the same country. You are not only vocally supporting them but also going to their games, maybe buying merchandise and helping to spread the word about them. Now some might say it is already expensive supporting one team let alone a second one. But that is my point exactly, teams like Liverpool and Arsenal and other lot are already big enough, yes they need our support because they are our teams nevertheless there are teams that are in bottom tier and can do with a bit of your support. I think it is absolutely amazing how many leagues we have in Uk when it comes to football. It all helps to support our communities because whether game or not by the end of the day it is a business and it is a business that helps the local surroundings.
I have been searching for a second team to support and after a long and belated search I think so I have found my second team. Cambridge United. Do not ask me why but I just like them. Since getting married in Cambridge I have formed a weird connection with it, for better or for worse I like every bit about it.
So I say to you, do your bit for your community, support a bottom tier team and help spread the word about them. A lot of people are connected with a lot of little clubs like these and every little bit of our support helps a lot of families build a strong foundation for the future.
Although I do have a second thought concerning this now that I have written it down. What happens when your second team grows from a little club to a big club? And are in direct competition with your first team? Do you still support them? Maybe you guys have some thoughts about that.
I think once they have, you have served your purpose to help support their business and you should move on. Because to be honest, your truest loyalty should lie with the club you support at first.

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