10 things to consider while writing

I am not going to go into detail, just list them down and everyone can interpret them how they wish to, although they are quite explanatory.

  1. Don’t over think, write and just let it flow.
  2. Understand and acknowledge your writing voice.
  3. Don’t always go with the auto-correct, it doesn’t always know what you mean to create. Make new words, and new way of writing them.
  4. Don’t over complicate unless you want to. Not for the sake of it.
  5. Twist! One is enough, two are acceptable, more than that – have a proper structure to your story rather than just depending on twists.
    6.Read more than you write and read more of what is closer to your writing style.
  6. Don’t be afraid that no one will read your work, that is not why you are writing.
  7. Take and invite criticism, understand it and learn from it.
  8. Set yourself a particular time in the day to write, don’t waste time. There are other things to get done in your life apart from writing.
  9. Lastly, understand the characters you create, spend time with them, imagine living their life, delve into their mindset and than write about them.

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