Best indie game ps4

Okay there are a lot of small games that I like, I wouldnt normally call it indie but for the sake of it I will do so. Now we all know these games dont have too much budget but what they do have is vision and a feeling of old school gaming. I played steam world dig and I have to say really enjoyed it, I might be too late on this but it doesnt matter still a good enough game to enjoy for a little while and doesnt cost a fortune. The other I have picked up is Valiant Hearts – The Great War, I like it. If you got a ps4 give it a try, it is cheap and to top it off it is on sale in january, would cost you less than the shittiest movie you can think of and would keep you entertained for a good time – on PS Store ofcourse.
Enjoy – and keep gaming.

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  1. europaoutlaw says:

    Try Transistor. Its fantastic


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      I havent yet but I will .. thank you for that. There are a lot of them and to be honest if I had more time I would try a new one every week.

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  2. Valiant Hearts is a beautiful game. I highly recommend it too.

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    1. Momus Najmi says:

      Yes it actually is quite fun to play and there are a lot more out there and I think we as gamers need to promote these indie games as much as we can


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