Cheese Omelet Recipe

How to make an awesome cheese omelet? Okay this is how I make mine, probably the most easiest thing to make.
Two eggs, break them – obviously – mix them in a bowl. Add salt, black pepper and a hint of paprika, finely chopped parsley. Put a little bit of olive oil on the put and let it heat up, chop some spring onions and red onions and fry the for few minutes till it goes a bit golden. Take them off the pan and mix them in your egg mix. In the same pan put some butter and put it on low heat. When the butter melts add the egg mix in the pan and even it out. Chop some olives and pour on top of the omelets, after few seconds when the base starts to cook. Than put two salami and chorion slices – very thin on top of the egg on one half of it. Put some cheese whichever one you prefer, just make sure it is not too strong on the same half and fold your omelet. Cook it thoroughly on both sides let the cheese melt and there you are than – your cheese omelete, serve them with fried tomato slices.

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