10 most annoying kind of people in general

It is what the title suggests. I have to admit, I hate people for no reason sometimes, I find myself just not liking them even though I might not show it that much, I guess thats why I still have some friends left. Regardless of my attitude there are some habits that all would agree, or at least I hope you all do, are just downright mind fingeringly annoying. And I have decided to make a list of few, that can come to my mind at the moment, you are more than welcome to add to it if you wish to do so. Again the list is not in order of the intensity of annoyance, it is just as it is.

1 People who yawn in public like an orangutan without covering their mouth. No one wants to smell what you had for your fifth lunch, yawn all you want but use your bloody hand.

2 Complaining in shops and restaurants to staff about things that they do not have any authority over to change it or improve, like price. They just work there, chill the fuck out. And I do not like this concept of customers are always right, bullshit on a stick with a chicken dressing for no apparent reason. Some customers are just plain rude and they are not right.

3 Being too pretentious when the moment doesn’t require to be – learn to behave like a normal breed of animal you are once in a while.

4 Telling long stories. Now these are not long stories no, I might be interested in long stories, these are short stories lengthened out by giving irrelevant minor details and unconstructed detours – I do not have all day life is too short as it is. Just tell me what happened when you got on the damn bus I do not need to know everyone’s name and life story that were on the bus, who didn’t even see the thing that happened to you, the thing that you still haven’t told me about.

5 Pretending to be stupid and boasting about it. You know who you are, and I do not think so you would mind be saying this to you that – if you werent before you now are a fucking idiot for pretending to be one. Congrats you have succeeded in being the most useless contributor to human society and progression and admitting it.

6 Asking before trying to figuring out yourself. I mean just give it a go first, exercise your right to think. This whole culture of spoon feeding is utterly bizarre, not every time someone is going to be there to hold your hand.

7 Picking a side before having knowledge about any of the sides in contention to the argument – not even knowing what the bloody argument is about. You are not helping anyone out, specially not the side that you actually picked. Have to admit, all last three points have been on the same theme I might have to add one more in the end to compensate for that.

8 Control freaks, intolerant to any other point of view but their own. Oh I like it that, do you now? do you really? well guess what I don’t. I really hate such people, and I really hate parents who are like that. I just like messing with those people even when I do not have any business interfering, try to push them, make them realize being a control nazi is not as fun as it seems.

9 People without imagination – you wouldn’t believe it unless you have come across one or two of them like I have. Feel so sorry for them, luckily we do have herbal remedy to resolve that issue and if that doesn’t well than what fucking use are you for in this dreary dump.

10 Fake children’s programme presenter parents who talk with their kids as if their whole like is played out by a Shakespearian act of telly tubbies. I know you are doing a good job with your kids I do not need to know, you are allowed to fuck up sometimes and when you do it is fine – that is what is parenting is about, fucking up. But good parenting is about owning up to it rather than sticking it to the child.

okay now lets add one more, since we know in few months it will be the time for that here.

11 Orange girls. Fake tan overdone, it doesn’t look good it just doesn’t look good. It might be great idea if you are auditioning to be in Miranda Advertisements back in 90’s or whatever but in real life the application of it is only limited to boosting the capitalist industrialization of tanning industry and making yourself look like a complete and utter idiot.

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