I recently watched this series of documentary available on bbciplayer Lost land of the volcano and I have to say absolutely epic. Apart from it being amazing on the subject matter it is also interesting to see how all different scientist from everywhere else came together to conduct a research on the same place but different topics within it. We need more of this, more of this sort of collaboration, of scientific mind, provide them with the means and resources to keep on doing such researches, because this is the only way to progress into the next phase of human civilization.
And it just makes you think, would I rather pay my taxes for research or would I rather pay my taxes to the church. The decision for me is a no brainer, and I am sorry but in this day and age I should have choice for the allocation of my taxes if it is going towards beyond mandatory and churches are exactly that. We will not die without churches or priests or all that mumbo jumbo, in fact we will learn to live better.

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