employee retention

It is my belief that most employees do not leave because of monetary reasons although in some factors it shifts the decision. Most employees say in their exit interviews that they are leaving because they are offered better package somewhere else but that is mostly because they don’t want to go out with an argument maintain their decorum and leave in good terms for a positive reference if required. There are very few employees that are willing to be honest about why they leave.

But signs of unhappy employees can be seen well before they actually do put in their notice. These days we are more inclined to just blame it on the fact that there is no loyalty left in business rather than make an effort to retain an employee.  Most of the time they leave because of the relationship with their line managers. And because we like retaining our management more than non management staff we have this rift.

In my opinion the hr department needs to be more integrated and more involved in what the managers do and how they conduct their relationship with the staff, and monitor them by employee satisfaction.  direct line managers who have negative effect on their staff through negative techniques of dealing with staff also puts a bad name to the organisation.  Most employees hate their companies and leave them because of how their managers treat them and how managers have support of their managers to conduct such acts.

Hr department is evolving day by day but as our perspective of the world is changing and as our needs are changing there is still more that hr needs to do. Employees need to be looked at as internal customers and be treated as a customer at times because they are the ambassadors of your company no matter what level they work at.

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