I love cats wearing their hats

I hate to admit it but I love those cats,
Those cats sitting in the corner wearing a hat,
Thinking what might have been, what they might have had,
Bundled up within their own shackles they sit there wearing a hat,
Do you think they know something about the rats?
Where they have been? Oh those dirty little rats,
They don’t have any hat to keep them warm like the cat,
But do they need any those filthy rats?
I love those cats with their crimson hats,
Sitting in the corner, purring, fishes they have had,
I know what I am singing is ridiculous indeed,
But would you look at those cats wearing their hats?
Are they not better than you wearing a hat?
They wear it and they know what they have had,
They are not lost within their own beautiful hats,
And you think you are better than all those filthy rats,
I love those cats, who wear their lovely hats,
Better than those rats who have no hat.

cat wearing hat

picture courtesy of http://www.tonsofcats.com

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