Maintaining Positive environment at work

As a line manager or a section manager it is very important to keep a positive environment at work which would instigate positive attitude. To keep that you need to know your employees, your work force inside out. And manage them accordingly. It might seem like a complete headache and a waste of time but to be honest it is not time consuming at all, once you have taken the time to know the important details about your employees than it is all a natural occurrence of how you deal with them. So always be aware of the small intricate details important to your staff members. Always highlight something positive before correcting their negatives. Never say stuff about them behind their back to another member because gossip spreads like wild fire and it will only make you look like a complete arse, and you will end up losing their trust which will result in decrease of work rate efficiency.
And although you need to know everything about your employees, always be aware that they do not need to know anything about you apart from the important bits that makes a connection between them and you.

I might not agree completely with these article or with time I might, but anyway I found two interesting articles which might be of some interest to you.

8 Ways to Treat Your Employees Better

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