Housing problems in the UK

I know everyone has had their views on this but that wouldn’t stop me from having mine as well. UK does seem to have a space issue these days, I don’t mean star space I mean land space. But I think it is mostly because there is a lack of housing development to accommodate the increasing number of people. It is wise to think about immigration at this point and how to control the issue, but it is not wise to think about such things when the economy seems to be finally improving and inflow of more demand from within contributed by people coming in is helping the economy to grow at a stable rate. What we need to think instead is how to accommodate growth rather than stunt it. Housing development is a temporary solution which will have permanent implications, of course I do not mean cut down the forest and build cities into it. I mean making space vertically in major cities and solve the problems that way. This will be well in the long run I think because for now it can solve most of housing situation in major cities and when you control immigration in the long run to a meaningful standard the escalating prices of places can come down a bit and improve the living standard. Right now it would not make sense to put a cap on housing prices but this will also help to put a cap in the future to make sure that the people over do not struggle to live a quality life and spend their lives in square boxes. We need a proper Manhattan project, build skyscrapers, get rid of the old buildings and get in the new. Heritage is one thing but I am sure no one wants to pay that high a price for maintaining heritage, it should not be in the bricks and stones, it needs to be within every proud British citizen.



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