Shadow of Mordor

Okay I think I am a little late in buying this game, but I finally did because it was on a major discount on PSN network. I have to say it is really good. It seems like a mixture of Batman with old themes of skyrim put in and stealth of assassin’s creed a game that i was never fond of to be honest, but this game really works.
So far I am in love with it, but obviously there are other games out there to eclipse it. For now though, I am not going to buy Bloodbourne or the order because I simply want to enjoy Shadow of Mordor before its charm disappears on me just like Destiny’s has done now.
If you havent played this game and are a massive Lord of the Rings fan, I would say go for it – it is absolutely epic. Although I do not understand why is he using a broken sword as a blade, why not just use a blade. Maybe the significance of it will enfold later on, even than just use a dagger.

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