Malice of good

For reaching out seems absurd, in these darkened times, where time is never enough, to lend, to a wondering mind, so I converse with self, and reach within, only to find out, that time is not there as well, corrupted by the malice of good.

Like I give a damn

Riding high, with my favourite lie, I don’t know why, I wouldn’t feel, like the world is mine. Setting sight, on the rocky shores, Battering sea, soaking salt in wounds, like I give a damn. Falsity of my, forgotten believes, shrugging misconceptions, of my own damnation, I have nowhere left to hide.

Searching for a broken heart

In the long hours of the night, he sat in a corner looking at the mirror. Wondering and searching. Whoever looked upon him did not know, and could not understand the mystery behind it – but it seldom happened that anyone chanced upon him for he had chosen his own solitary company and for good…

To Survive

If I didn’t know, how to survive, do you think I still would be alive? I killed when I saw, a wondering eye or two, And I do not regret, do not lick the – wounds of my dread, I did what I had to, and I did it well, To survive, one must become,…

Out of Hibernation

Hi there everyone, after almost a year I am back and back to posting. I have been, well lets say a bit busy with doing absolutely nothing, and now I intend to do that nothing with all of you. Hope you enjoy the nothingness to come from me.