Searching for a broken heart

In the long hours of the night, he sat in a corner looking at the mirror. Wondering and searching. Whoever looked upon him did not know, and could not understand the mystery behind it – but it seldom happened that anyone chanced upon him for he had chosen his own solitary company and for good reasons chosen a corner where no eyes would find his gaze.

He sat there still, every night, till years went by beyond the reckoning of time. He sat there wondering and searching, yearning for a voice to call out as if from within but to no avail.

He finally got up one night and smashed the mirror to pieces and there upon looking at his face in the shattered pieces of mirror scattered all around him, he wept – the most heartiest and woeful weeping.

‘Just like my heart you cannot be put together, to be as you once was before. But I wonder who is better off, you or me, to the fate that is to follow.’

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