Time to ignore

I have listened, and I have heard, but now it is time, that I must ignore.

employee retention

It is my belief that most employees do not leave because of monetary reasons although in some factors it shifts the decision. Most employees say in their exit interviews that they are leaving becau… Source: employee retention

before it all disappears

How long do you think It is going to last The lies that you tell In the darkness of night To yourself The day will come Sooner or later The light will shine true For once on your mirage Wake up bef… Source: before it all disappears

There might be a way back

There might be a way back, still in the depths of despair, there might still be way, to reclaim the lost sense, So, I think and hope, for millions more to come, cannot be condemned to such a fate, … Source: There might be a way back

lost your way

It is not for me to say, that you have lost your way, when I have not even, found my own way.