Shadows are dancing on my grave

Shadows are dancing on my grave,

I see them from the hole that I have made,

What reasons they hold to do so to me?

Why do they laugh and be merry in my misery?

I sulk in my dark horror with disparity,

And they dance wildly without a moment’s clarity,

What senses keep, do they not see?

Have they lost all breath of feelings that also lives within me?

I can not believe they would do that to me,

Dance they do, care not they for my peace,

They care not for any living philosophies,

Dance they must, for life is where the disco-ball leads,

Whore they have become to themselves so blindly,

Raping their minds with horrid lies and crooked dreams,

What are they doing to me and you who have yet not been?

They will kill us before we even dare to breathe,

Dead we will be if through holes we not see,

Shadows will dance on the graves, of you and me.

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