A place to call home

The world that flies on its own, without the wings, of ancient shrines, The world that caters its own, and feed not the militia, of a madman, The world that seeks to understand, and deny none the lore, is the place I call home, But for fame and fortune, can help me find not, and…


Originally posted on february stationery:
Death will not stop coming And as it creeps in, again to cast a shadow over us I am faced with the facts that while I may not have family and it’s true: not in blood the things she has done for me have made her one of mine Death may…

Quote of the day

“It will all come to an end, with a crash and a bang or a whisper. But before that there has to be a start – do not meet your end before you begin something.” Momus Najmi

Thought of the day

Know yourself before you start passing judgments and pretend to know someone else

Thought of the day

……… blank …………………………….. thoughts are a blank today – misty shadows swirling in my mind – there is not… Source: Thought of the day

The feel of my feel

I have waited, the eternity of time, to feel how I now feel, and now that I have, found myself, In the midst of such a feeling, I begin to wonder, if sharing would diminish, its grip on me.

Till the end consumes it all

I had a feeling, this was going to happen, at some point, a moment of fate’s choosing, when you would come up to me, and ask me to be, someone you have always wanted me to be, but I also had a feeling, that I would resist, any notion of being myself, a self that…

Ambiguous God

Follow me, to a place, unknown, to do a thing, never before known, do not ask me what, and do not ask me how, my godliness lies, in the ambiguity of it all.