Thought of the day

There is nothing like the things you do not know, because it is in them where your hopes may lay, till you prod your miserable senses along and shatter your fantasy – eventually everything disappoints, everything fades and in the dim moonlight of a quiet night – everything dies.


How far will you run? Till you realize, The demons live inside yourself.

Ni Plus, Ni Plus !

Torrid eyes see yonder, Come passion of rest, Wicked reasons let me be, Enough done, Ni plus! Ni plus! Doldrums of violent anger, What nonsense it speaks, Bon Dieu! Bon Dieu! Give meaning to peace. Treason, not hither not thither, Divine trust credits deceit, Silence thy killing daggers, My ale is going weak. Lament thy…

Thought of the day

A truly fulfilled human existence is both a selfish and unselfish one. You have to be selfish enough to find yourself, discover yourself in life – and once you have done that only then can you commit to true unselfish acts to further the cause and progression of human civilization.

The undying wait

I have waited a year more than a million now, for the day when I would see you again, It seems to me sometimes that day might never come, But I still stay here by my window in hope I wait, And sometimes I think if it is you that I wait for, Or if…