Living in a dying forest

I walk bewildered
into a dying forest,
Asking questions
never to be answered,
I rest myself down on the ground
the green is not but ashes now,
I just weep,
Tears fall down my face
till my heart relinquishes
a roar of anguish,
and then I cry even more,
For there is nothing else to do.

Humans kill and destroy
wherever they go,
with the pretense of love and care
– they kill and they kill
and bring destruction to all.
There is no escaping that
even if you calm a soul down,
It will find a way – through misguided peace,
it will find a way and it will destroy
That is the nature of humans,
but now as I immerse myself with the ashes
I wonder – why am I not like so?
Or perhaps I am just waiting to be so?
And so i weep – and I cry,
For there is nothing else to do anymore.

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