A sigh of relief !

Slowly as the world completes a full circle, I let myself breath again.

Ni Plus, Ni Plus !

Torrid eyes see yonder, Come passion of rest, Wicked reasons let me be, Enough done, Ni plus! Ni plus! Doldrums of violent anger, What nonsense it speaks, Bon Dieu! Bon Dieu! Give meaning to peace. Treason, not hither not thither, Divine trust credits deceit, Silence thy killing daggers, My ale is going weak. Lament thy…

Always move forward

They say there is a tomorrow, one that we have not yet experienced, and tomorrow will be another, something more to discover, move forward they say, always move forward, there is no looking back. I am now in the tomorrow of yester years, looking at the tomorrow beyond, moving forward as they say, never looking…

Thought of the Day – Insignificant Us

Historically we have looked at the stars to get directions and so have derived a significance to the stars above. Yet the same stars make us feel insignificant as we look at them and understand their existence.

I refuse to hope

They tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel I fail to see it but I agree in kind Maybe they need to see it to hope for better But for all that its worth I rather create my own light or darkness I refuse to put my chances on hope.

Drifting Mind

My mind drifts into a dimension not known And in this world it is rendered useless.