The crimes I have committed

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To the crimes that should never have been, I have done and forgotten, And taken responsibility for none, But they were mine to commit and I have done so, And yours to neglect you have done so, Now you show them to me as if I do not…

Till the end consumes it all

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I had a feeling, this was going to happen, at some point, a moment of fate’s choosing, when you would come up to me, and ask me to be, someone you have always wanted me to be, but I also had a feeling, that I would resist, any…

A truthful traitor

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for as long as I can remember, I have followed, not blindly, but with clear conscience, at every stage, and at every interval of my life, yet my conscience changed, with each step I took, lest reason hearkened me, to stay as I must. No fear of being…

The Silent Betrayal

Hi All, My first novel is out on Kindle as an e-Book and soon the paperback version will be available as well on Amazon. Have a read and please be sure to comments on Amazon – hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks