Global Corruption

For a long time We have taken we have killed and we have polluted Forever longer we will keep rendering such pains in the name of survival But when the world gets tired of seething in silence we will cry in anguish and ask why we have deserved the inconveniences to follow.

A new life in a new world

I have imagined a new life it’s not worth a penny, not worth a dime but its mine and yours if you open your minds I have seen something obscene something ferine but not a fiend a disgusting part of us derivation of ideas meant to be broken Be a percipient of my mind be…

Grimace of Disgust

The grimace of disgust that you randomly afford to all there is a nightmare that lives beyond it swims in your treacherous depths ever threatening to make an appearance within the undying threads of your conscience let it reveal itself for once So that you can understand The disgust that lives within you is what…

Screaming Anguish

Forever I waited for a mere glimpse of your shadow But all I saw in the end was the shimmer of your scythe as my silence echoed within the screaming anguish.