Slave to your ignorance

Criminals they say,
Criminals I see,
Saints they say,
Saints I revere,
Read this, understand that,
think this, speak that,
Truth they say,
with conviction I believe.

I see the facts,
Not the ones they created,
But those that evidence uphold,
So they say have faith,
And I see myself a fool,
For not knowing a tyrant,
Just because it spoke softly,
as it shackled my thoughts.

And now that I know it,
I will never go back,
Not let any make a mockery,
of the little sense I got left,
But there are other a plenty,
Slave to their ignorance,
Living in bliss,
making merry their folly.

Wake up
from your slumber,
there is more beauty
in the world around you,
then in the false reality
they promise you,
for the sake of humanity,
reject the perceptions,
that defies
logic and reason.