Freedom from preconceptions

There is no place for
hatred, in my heart,
less it be for want of
improvement, for justice,
and to remove hatred itself,
And that sense is
temporary, targeted towards
ideologies and systems
and not individuals,
But hatred for the sake
of hatred, Hatred out
of fear of indifference,
prejudiced prehistoric
sentiments, masquerading
within cultural norms
and traditional biases,
That hatred has not existed
in me, for a time longer
than it had been, if ever
it was in me, Unknowingly
we clutch on to conformed
realities, hiding in the
bosoms of non existent gods,
the makers of such hatred
divine discriminators,
no, such feelings have not
been with me, since the day
I unchained my shackles
and broke free, from the
prison of my own preconceptions.