Haruki Murakami – Not many better

Haruki Murakami is one of my all time favourite storyteller. I would love to be able to read his work in the original japanese language but alas my aptitude for learning new languages, specially to read isn’t that great. English and barely Urdu are the only ones I can muster for now – even then after being away from Pakistan for over a decade, I find it extremely hard to read Urdu. I have been with my Polish wife for 9 years now, married happily 7 years, and still I haven’t learned her native tongue apart from few words and phrases here and there. I think, if I were to learn a new language she would argue it should be polish before japanese.

But anyways apart from the domestic linguistic issues, I still do love japanese, I love the way it sounds. For now I will keep on reading his translated work – which in itself is not too shabby.