A grave affair ….

I visit this cemetery often in Szczecin, Poland. Its huge but still peaceful. My wife’s babcia is buried there and so is our niece next to her. This year we havent been able to visit their graves and still won’t be able to because of travel restrictions. But as we are forced to spend our Christmas alone, away from our family, they will be in our hearts.

Love those closest to you, regardless of the disagreements and remember those fondly who have now moved on to the world beyond. We are only dust, drifting in the vastness of something we are yet unable to fully understand. All the differences and disagreements we create are of our own making. All ideologies, monetary gains, tribal moralities, all of our own making and so it is rather silly for something we created ourselves to stand in our way of loving each and showing compassion where it is needed most.

This world was here long before we evolved and will be there long after we are no more if we continue down the path of self destruction. It is often said, never go to bed mad/angry at your partner, no matter how bad the fight had been, I think we need to extend that beyond our immediate partners in some way if we wish to live a healthier life in a mentally healthier environment. Lets lead our life with love, compassion and forgiveness, and leave hate where it belongs – in moments, quick to be forgotten.