Quell the rivers of hatred inside ….

Hatred is like a full flowing river, it is magnificent to behold at first but as it starts destroying everything in its path that admiration becomes less and less. The burst might be needed from time to time, but continuation of that aggression is not just corrosive to things around it but ultimately to itself.

Don’t fill your life with such hatred. Don’t lead your life with hatred fueled by bitter resentment. Don’t follow or believe in an ideology that basis itself around hatred, mistrust and anarchist chaos. Because that is what you are going to become otherwise. Someone who is filled with deep resentment and hatred for everyone, someone who doesn’t trust anyone, someone who doesn’t enter into dialogue with others in good faith, someone who assumes the worst in others. Do not project your failures on to the world.

Calm the raging rivers inside of you and realize that it takes all kinds to make this world. Don’t embrace your problems, don’t celebrate your problems, recognize and understand them – and take steps to fix them. Blaming others for your misfortune even though it might be their doing is not going to help you and it is not going to fix the problem. You are the one who is going to fix your problems. Positive thinking brings positive outcomes. Lead your life with love, and allow others and yourself enough space to learn, grow and evolve in their own time and in their own way.

Haruki Murakami – Not many better

Haruki Murakami is one of my all time favourite storyteller. I would love to be able to read his work in the original japanese language but alas my aptitude for learning new languages, specially to read isn’t that great. English and barely Urdu are the only ones I can muster for now – even then after being away from Pakistan for over a decade, I find it extremely hard to read Urdu. I have been with my Polish wife for 9 years now, married happily 7 years, and still I haven’t learned her native tongue apart from few words and phrases here and there. I think, if I were to learn a new language she would argue it should be polish before japanese.

But anyways apart from the domestic linguistic issues, I still do love japanese, I love the way it sounds. For now I will keep on reading his translated work – which in itself is not too shabby.

Thought of the day

To understand the value of good, you must first recognize and understand the capacity of evil in you. Suppress and ignore for it too long and it will find its way to manifest itself disguised in garment of good. Over indulge in it and it will lead you to a path where you will no longer recognize yourself. True good and true peace lies in knowing that you are capable of destroying it at any moment, so you must strive everyday to keep the balance.

Lee Hall’s Best Books 2020 review list

Lee Hall was kind enough to put my book, ‘The Silent Betrayal’ as one of the best books read in 2020 and gave a glowing review to the book. Please, have a look through the whole list for other really good indie books on this list and check out the rest of Lee Hall’s website for other interesting posts and books.

Genesis of Dragons – Charlotte Murphy

Before THE ANTONIDES LEGACY came the tale of Mortan Ranger, a man who risked everything to save his country and his heart…

Guilty over the inability to save his family, Mortan Ranger sets out to destroy the dragons who slaughtered them.
While hunting for his next kill, Mortan meets Elys Aulandri, the princess of an Agmantian tribe, intent on avenging those who have wronged her. When Mortan and Elys discover they are working toward the same goal, they band together to evade the forces of the evil necromancer Vargrim Nix and purge the last remaining dragons from their world.

Set a thousand years before the events of THE ANTONIDES LEGACY, finally uncover how dragons disappeared from the world and the prophecy set in motion to bring them back.