Thinking spot ! Either we all matter, or no one matters.

When you make it okay and normal for the death of a person because they hold opposing views or are your enemy – you make death of any human permissible even your own. As you explain, how that particular person should have known better or it was their fault and so on, what you are really explaining is that in future when I am unlawfully killed this is the blueprint of how to explain that away.

The untimely death of a human is never okay, it can never be made normal. Whether it is in a war, accidental, misadventure or through lawful persecution. Sometimes a death of the person is necessary as there are no other options left, but it is never okay, it can never be without regret. These political differences, religious ideologies, cultural differences, melanin variations and other difference in opinions, way of life or choices – are all arbitrary to the value of human life and the freedom of expression.

I hope, beyond all hopes that at some point our mentality move firmly towards wanting to defeat our enemies without the need of killing them. And then from there we can move firmly towards having people with opposing ideas, debating, learning, trying to win each other over without feeling the need to make them our enemy. We are complex beings, with complex ideas and thoughts which even we don’t completely understand at times – either we all get to live free and express ourselves freely or none of us do. No ifs, no buts. The consequences comes later, whether good or bad, but the right to exercise that freedom comes first.

Please think before you say something. Think before you flippantly make it okay for the death of someone. And stop disassociating yourself from the responsibility of the actions of your society.