Enough with this nonsense – brooding storm (Blog Entry)

I fear the rot that is settling in you all. The rot that makes you blind to your own actions. The rot of chaos, self destruction and meaningless drivel. This is not progress, this is madness, depressing insanity that you are all determined to make a reality.

Come back to your senses, take a step away from your own reflection and sit by the bonfire of reason. We are not products, we are humans. Stop being a plaything for puppeteers. Our ideas are supposed to be discussed and help each, not restrict and censor those who might think differently. What is the point of being human if we cannot allow ourselves and each other to be free? Compliant robot humans, Cybermen? Borg? Without feeling, just obedience. It is as if all the movies you love, all the books you adore don’t even mean anything to you.

There is a storm coming, a storm that we ourselves have built. A storm made strong out of our malice, out of our hatred. What do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are fighting for? Why must you fall for this every single time, through history repeating your crimes? Why can we let others who see differently, see differently? As long as the freedom of individual can be upheld, why can’t we let each other be human, be free?

Stop looking in the mirror, ejaculating in self admiration – using projection as a way of deflection from your own failures. Take a minute and reflect on your actions. Think. Think again. And then think some more. Through away this hatred, and lead your life with love. Or even just lead your life, your real life. Make something of it. Find peace within it. Find peace within yourself. Enough with this nonsense. The world should not have to suffer because you are unable to take control of your life.