Nevada Noir – David Arrowsmith

In these three dark and brooding short stories, set in and around the US state of Nevada, a cast of disparate characters struggle with greed and temptation, and the cursed lure of easy money… an old man goes in search of his son in the aftermath of a terrible storm, a couple down on their luck make a life-changing discovery and an ex-cop has one last impossible decision to make…

Out in nature ….

This is from 2015, last time I went to Pakistan, on route to Kashmir. I don’t know when is the next time I will feel comfortable enough again to visit Pakistan. All things must change and hopefully with time it will get better for people to leave a religion or any other ideology in peace without fear for life in certain countries. The north of Pakistan is beautiful though.

Full steam ahead !

This year, more than ever I intend to take full charge of my life. Be better than ever, do more good than ever and learn more than ever. And as for my writing – full steam ahead !

(I don’t know how to drive a train, my father in law was kind enough to let me pose in one of his train, couple of years ago in Poland before he retired)

Pizza Life in waiting

Cannot wait for my local pizzeria to re-open. I support local businesses, we all should. These empty streets and soulless community, deprived of any real life is becoming very distressing. We cannot keep on living in this constant state of hysteria and over revved anxiety. We need to protect the vulnerable, yes, but open the world for the rest. This cannot be the way.

Can’t wait to go back to life ….

A while back, out fishing with a close friend. I don’t know how to fish, neither do I particularly like it tbh. But I do like sitting, relaxing and talking shit with my friend as goes about his fishy business.

I really hope the world can come back to its senses, and stop panicking already. Let life get back to normal, and let people live and enjoy the company of those they love without any guilt.