Utter disappointment

Prisoner of your own mind, 
afraid to converse with
your own thoughts, 
Restricting your language,
to attain acceptance
from people who no longer understand
love, compassion or forgiveness,
You have become
the very disappointment
you once espoused to fight.

Freedom is nothing
but a monocle to you,
that you causally 
place on your blind eye, 
As you judge others
through the lens of your other
lazy gaze,
You have become 
a parasite
in a joyless world
with no names or foresight.

When I was around Kashmir (Part me)

I quit smoking just over a year ago as a regular habit, now perhaps its more of a social thing – however I still havent even done that for over a year. Gold Leaf used to be a very famous brand in Pakistan, its a standard brand. When I used to live in Pakistan over a decade ago, i didnt really smoke that brand but on my holiday few days ago I just had to get it for nostalgic reasons.