Play the victor, and not the victim.

There is a lot of love in the hearts of people who make very less excuses for the cards they have been dealt with in life and instead get stuck in to make the best of it and strive to achieve what they can, and through it give meaning to their existence. There is a lot of hate in the hearts of those, that are jealous and bitter of the success of others, specially of those that have toiled hard and long, and instead of reflecting on their own behaviours, understanding their incapability and improve themselves, they choose to make spreading hatred their purpose. It is up to you to choose your path, it is up to you to find your purpose. Choose the path of love, the path of personal responsibility and the path of honest work, so that no matter what you achieve at the end, you have already won. Other will take heart from it and carry on from where you left off and others after them will continue, and so we will keep on improving personally and collectively.

Do not listen to those that only mean to divide you, spew hatred, make you play the victim – those that mean to profit from your misery. Those that are too afraid to show you tough love and straightforward honesty, so that you get inspired to pick yourself up. Those that will defy all logic to keep you in a web of deceit and melancholy. Those that discourage you to think for yourself no matter how wrong you be, for if you don’t make mistakes how will you learn the lessons well. Those that will project their cowardice and their dark intent onto you and the wider world. Stay away from the path of hate, stay away from an empty life devoid of any foothold in reality. Open your heart to love even in the face of greatest adversity. And no matter the cards that are dealt to you in life, always play the victor and never the victim. For if you are honest, show love and kindness to others, and stay true to yourself, you are the victor and your life is a winning success.

A poor farmer toiling in the fields has a more enriched and purposeful life than a spiteful king atop a luxurious castle.