Bang Bang, you’re dead – Evan Baldock

Gloria Jones has had enough. She’s sixty-five, approaching retirement, and nearing the end of her tether. If she gets abused in the street by another toerag, someone’s going to swing.
When Gloria collects a gun she saw being thrown into her local park, her decision to turn it in is quickly scuppered after she’s attacked on her way to the police station. Using the gun to make her attackers back off, she accidentally pulls the trigger, and ends up killing them both. In that moment, her life changes forever.
As she struggles to come to terms with what she’s done, Gloria begins to realize there is injustice all around and finds herself transforming from a shy, peaceful woman into a confident and ruthless vigilante, determined to help victims of crime unable to defend themselves. And so begins a three-month campaign, taking revenge against violent criminals up and down the country, helping those who can’t help themselves.
After all, who’s going to question a little old lady just going about her business? Turns out, quite a few people, on both sides of the law, and one in particular seems to know exactly what she’s been up to.

Red Dog Press

Great find

On my walk today through a neighbourhood, there was a box of books with the label, ‘Free books or they are going to the skip’. And in it along with a copy of death of a salesman by Arthur Miller I found this, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

I mean, who the hell throws such copies away in the skip. There a lot of charity shops that would love to take them, if you can’t find enthusiasts to take them off you personally. I am glad I saved it though. So so glad.

The me that will always be

I always find it weird looking at older pictures, there is a lot I don’t remember or recognise yet still a lot that I know I have of the long time ago me. This was taken over 15 years ago. My punk years, back when punk meant being a punk and not a whinny little kid craving acceptance.

I had a lot of ups and downs in my life over the years and there are a lot of things I wish had gone differently. But then it might not have led me to where I am today and I kind of like the me today. So let’s remember to be grateful no matter what we have gone through because we still have time to change and improve upon ourselves.

I wish you all love and compassion and I hope you all can show it to each other. Lead your life for you and the ones around you first and not for the faceless hatemongers on social media. Things will get better the more we stay together.

I am wrong about a lot of things, but I rather explore my way through them than made to be afraid to even think about those things or anything not prescribed through a mandate. Free your minds and let them explore, our universe is filled with incredible amount of possibilities, none of which care for any of our feelings.

Meatballs with Zucchini pasta and Spinach & Kale pesto

To help my wife’s autoimmune issues, we have been following Dr Amy Myers cooking solutions. So I been trying to cook a lot of things from her suggestions and so far not bad. I recently made Meatballs with Zucchini pasta and Spinach & Kale pesto. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. The thing about autoimmune disorders to understand is that you to take care of your immune system and that includes a helping diet. Any type of medicine will maybe help acute cases and tackle the symptoms, but to try to get to the root causes you have to adjust your lifestyle and habits, and take care of your gut.

The picture is actually not that great, but I was too eager to taste it as I usually am, so didn’t bother much. If you have autoimmune issues, I would recommend reading Dr Amy Myers books on it. They are helpful. Find a diet that suits you most.


Use measurement cups to make it easier to follow.

To make meatballs:

Okay this is a rough recipe of how I made it.

1 Zucchini/Courgette, 1 Onion, Basil and Salt : Put them in the food processor and blend them.

1 pound grass-fed ground beef, mix with the above blend.

Make them into balls, Roughly with 1 or 2 tbsp worth of blend.

Place them on the tray with brown paper/baking paper and in the oven 190c for 25 min.

No need to use any oil.

To make the pasta:

Use a vegetable slicer (Its like an oversized vegetable sharpener- very cheap and easy to buy) to slice one or two courgettes/zucchini into pasta like strings.

Put some olive oil in the pan or wok, splash a bit of red chilies if you like it hot, and after a minute put in a thinly sliced garlic clove and the courgette/zucchini strings. Cook for under 5 minutes, otherwise it will get mushy.

To make the spinach & kale pesto:

Easy and straight forward task.

Roughly 4 cups of spinach, 2 cups of kale, 2 handfuls of basic, 12 garlic cloves, 1/2 lemon juice and 2 tsp salt. Blend it all together and that is your pasta.