A day out in London …

We (my wife and I) went to Natural History Museum today, it’s always nice to visit, although hated wearing mask all the while. It ruined a bit of the fun but not completely.

I actually do prefer using public transport, but my word they really have to do something about ventilation in underground trains. That’s one thing I really don’t miss about London, having to travel in the tube during summer.

But all in all, I think South Kensington is a really nice part of London, most parts of London are nice I guess specially if you don’t live there and don’t get stabbed lol but it houses 3 great museums and is a bit of a cultural hub.

For anyone who hasn’t been to Natural History Museum before, the first thing to notice is the actual building it is housed in. It is a beautiful piece of architecture with so much attention to detail. Built around 1881, 140 years ago, it has striking features inside and out. Extensions to the building has been built thereafter and when we were there I could see another huge extension is underway.

There is so much to see and learn over here, in my opinion you need a full day to explore it in detail. I always imagine it would be a dream working at the museum specially this one.

There are also some great little trinkets to buy from the gift shop. I don’t usually do posts like these, or well I haven’t done them before. But I do love our British Museums and I hope everyone who visit them, donate a bit to keep them going.

But whatever you do, be aware to not get eaten up by the grizzly.