The History of Early Britain | Ep1 | History & Myth

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I love reading history and finding out about little quirky facts from the past. It gives a great perspective to our lives today, a sort of sense check if you like. I myself was born in Kuwait of a Pakistani family, I got to live in Karachi later on in life for almost a decade, and now for the past decade I have been living in Britain with my Polish wife. So it would be fair to say, I have influences from various cultures and traditions in my life. But even when I was younger, I had always been fascinated by Britain, and I have always loved its long and highly influential history.

For example, did you know that before the last Ice Age, Britain was actually a peninsula and not an island – it was connected with mainland Europe by a somewhat land bridge?

Or that in 55 BC Julius Caesar tried to invade Britain but failed?

Or that the first farmers came to UK some 6000 years ago?

Find out more, as I go through the brief summation of Early history of Britain on my podcast.

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