Happy Independence day to America

I usually don’t wish individual countries their special days, seeing how many countries there are in the world, that might be the only thing I would be doing all year round. But I feel like this 4th of July is very important for Americans this year. And I hope people can return to their senses. That they can get behind their flag, their country, their values despite the differences. America is truly a land of the free and home of the brave, and those values – national values – need to be retained.

I feel very disappointed at people who can’t even stand the sight of their own national flag but yet carry on belonging to that country, living in that country, and reaping the benefits of doing so no matter how big or small. I think that is a very dishonest relationship. If you don’t mean well to the place you belong then you should clearly not belong to that place. (This is a topic I mean to return to in one of my weekend thoughts on The World of Momus podcast).

These are dangerous times my dear friends, these are hard times. But many a times before you guys have overcome hard and difficult problems and laughed at the face of danger. I am hopeful you will overcome these as well. And I wish you all, Americans everywhere, the very best of luck and wish you all a happy independence day from across the pond. Love conquers all.