Feline thoughts …..

Trying to research about cats for the next episode on The World of Momus: History & Myth and it is really hard because I keep getting distracted by cat videos.

But it reminded of this picture i took of cats my brother in law was breeding, arent they just darn cute?!?

However, it also reminded me of my cat, from a long time ago. Mr Whiskerz. Well over a decade or so ago, someone catnapped him and I never saw him again. All that I found was his purple bow tie on the street. I still think about him sometimes. He was a very special cat.

Isn’t he just the cutest. I don’t think I have ever loved an animal as much as I loved him. I don’t believe in the malarkey that cats don’t love back. You didn’t know Mr Whiskerz, he loved back. He’d hear my car from a distance, and wait at the front door of the house, always slept by me, never ever scratched me and if he did by mistake while playing he would lick the scratch part as a sorry and if I was ill (man flu or the like), he would stay at the corner of my bed – just looking after me in his own way.

If you want to learn about empathy and responsibility, I think you should get a pet and cherish the years you have with them.

This picture is even blurrier.

Yeah my bed used to this messy, always filled with books. It was my college and early uni years I think, back in Pakistan. And he usually used to sleep like this, snuggling under the blanket probably because the air conditioning was usually on (Yeah it can get really hot where I lived in Karachi – melting hot, and extremely humid).

He used to sleep in my bed, even when I wasn’t home. I don’t really know why he slept with his head on the pillow, I never asked. But then again he also liked sitting on the chair, on the dinner table looking at everyone while we were having family dinner. Maybe he thought he was more human than cat.

I had him since few days he was born. Mama cat was a mix of Turkish Van or something, she was a stray who gave birth to a litter in our back courtyard. And she went bonkers, kept on moving the kittens. End up killing one of them, the other someone took away, another got run over by a car, so Mr Whiskerz I hid away before she killed him too and then she just ran off somewhere. I fed him milk with a soaked cotton and syringe. Ah, I get so emotional just thinking about him, I know there are some people out there that understand.

This is him very young, very very young.

Anyway, cats are amazing. And I hope this episode is going to be a good one and that you all enjoy listening to it.