Summer Salad

I took this picture a while back, but I thought I would put it on and give you all a short recipe for one of the summer salads I usually make. Its very simple and straightforward.


Onions (red), Rocket Salad, Papaya, Avocado, Pumpkin Seeds, Lemon or Lime, Water Melon (Optional), Feta Cheese


I mean do I even have to, simple as. Cut them all up, mix them together, and put some balsamic vinegar on top if you want. Its light but still filling, and all the things just go along with each other.

You can mix and match things, you can not put in melon as its optional, or put in melon but not the avocado, but strangely enough feta cheese, melon and papaya seem to go really well together in a salad. At least that’s what I think.

Have a go, try other combinations, be adventurous with your food and have fun.