Freedom above all !

Those who have never had their freedoms challenged or taken away, find it harder to understand its value, no matter the consequence. In a free society, the participation of citizens with anything is voluntary not mandated. Do not let fear make you give up something this precious.

Understand these tactics of fear and understand why this is being played. What have you seen over the past few decades that makes you think that your government actually gives a toss about you? Not much. Beyond their need to aggregate votes, not much at all, no matter which side of the political spectrum.

You must trust yourself, to make the best decision for you. Without coercion and without force. And while you are at it, make sure that you are not enforcing and projecting your problems unto others. This is the way, this is the ONLY way, where we are able to live as human with autonomy.

Without this, you are nothing but a cog in someone else’s machine and you don’t even get to decide how much grinding you will end up doing.

Vive la Resistance !